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Looking to buy? before wading through a 200-page magazine, or browsing page after page of cars, most of which only vaguely match your requirements, look at what our FREE search database has to offer:

  • 100% reliable - no tired eyes here! if the car's out there, we'll tell you;
  • immediate, detailed email notification of any matching cars in our database;
  • you deal directly with the seller - no need to use us as a middle-man;
  • real-time updates whenever a new car is offered meeting your requirements;
  • instant heads-up if a previously non-qualifying car's details are adjusted to create a match;
  • precise specification matching (must-have, must-avoid, or would-be-nice wishlist);
  • restrict by seller type - any seller, private only, trade only, annually-subscribed trader only;
  • no need for you to visit the website again after initially inputting your search profiles

Looking to sell?no longer need you blindly hope that a buyer will stumble across your car among the dozens of similar ones available, even though yours might be one of the tiny few which match all their chosen specs. just add details of your stock, and we'll do the rest. neither you nor the buyer even need to come online again;

  • remove the guesswork - our database never sleeps, so nobody slips through your net;
  • all your cars are emailed to all matching buyers, even if they never come online again;
  • you also receive immediate messages with details of all matching buyers, grouped by car;
  • you deal directly with the buyer - no need to use us as a middle-man;
  • easy subscription-based operation - after a sale, just replace details with those of next car;
  • choose your subscription based upon your selling capacity;
  • at busy times, top-up your selling capacity with an additional 30-day add-on plan;
  • edit your car details from anywhere with internet access - changes take immediate effect;
  • after any change, the car is re-assessed and emails sent to all likely buyers;
  • strict matching criteria - no 'similar vehicles' or 'you may also like this car etc ...';

let's face it, every car only needs that one buyer, so why trust to chance that they'll stumble across your advert among the many similar ones out there? as you add your cars to our database, the emails are dedicated to that car alone, giving you a precious few seconds' worth of captive audience. now who else gives you that?


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