Refund Policy

At Mad4Cars our role is to put potential buyers in contact with sellers of suitable vehicles. We make no claims, and accept no responsibility whatsoever regarding:

  • Accuracy of any descriptive information input by the seller;
  • Whether a notification email recipient chooses to act upon or ignore said message;
  • Subsequent conduct of either party during discussions or transactions;
  • Any physical, legal or historical aspect whatsoever of the vehicle concerned.

Generally, therefore, once our database filtering has identified suitable matched pairs of buyers and sellers, and despatched the appropriate notification message to the parties concerned, we consider ourselves as having fulfilled all obligations to members, subscription-paying or otherwise.
Nevertheless, there may well be exceptional circumstances where a subscriber genuinely feels entitled to request a refund of part, or all of their Mad4Cars subscription and the following guidelines broadly explain how we can be expected to approach such a request:

When we shall consider refund requests

At our discretion, we may consider refund requests if:

  • Database failure resulting from any reason within our control should cause the subscriber's vehicles to be excluded from the promised matching procedures;
  • Notification emails should for reasons within our control not be sent as promised;
  • Vehicle details appearing in emails can beyond any doubt be proven to misrepresent those input by the seller, for reasons within our control;
  • Exceptional circumstances apply which we accept as grounds for a full or partial refund.

When we shall not consider refund requests

We shall not consider refund requests:

  • Where there is acceptance by the subscriber that all promised database matching and email obligations have been fulfilled by Mad4Cars;
  • If a particular vehicle is the cause of the refund request, after the initial contact between buyer and seller;
  • If a sale should fall through as a result of inaccurate or misleading vehicle details having being provided by the seller.

Refund methods

Except in exceptional circumstances, any refund will be made by crediting the actual funding source of the original subscription payment.

Contacting Us

We welcome any queries, comments or requests you may have regarding this Refund Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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