What Makes Mad4Cars So Different?

When Selling ...

Do you ever wonder how many potential buyers you miss on your advertising website because they stopped browsing just two minutes before you uploaded details of their perfect car? Or perhaps you've just reduced the price slightly, but the same buyer is not even aware that your car exists because it was out of their search price range for the critical few seconds they were on the website?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was some way for your car to tap them on the shoulder and say 'hey, you just missed me, and I'm exactly the car you're looking for...' at the same time supplying you with full contact details of this hot lead?

Well, now there is. The Mad4Cars 24/7 Database.

When Buying ...

Have you ever waded vainly through a hundred-page car sales magazine hoping to stumble across that one single car meeting your precise needs - while all the time just 'knowing' it must be out there somewhere, waiting for you? If only there was some way it could leap out from those pages, giving you instant access to the seller's details, simultaneously sending one-click links directly to your PC, laptop, iPhone etc ... ?

Well, now there is. The Mad4Cars 24/7 Database.

Constant, Automatic Exposure, whether online or not

Rather than idly hoping that a car might be available just at those precious few seconds that a buyer is online, our database keeps a record of every search made (until deleted by the potential buyer once having found their car), and every vehicle offered - even dating from before you joined - constantly comparing the two lists in real-time, immediately pinpointing and emailing details of buyer and seller to one another in the event of a match.

And it doesn't stop there - whenever any alteration is made, either to a vehicle's details or to the requirements of the buyer, the database is searched again and all new matches are circulated to all parties concerned, so - as a buyer - if you missed your perfect car by a couple of minutes because its price was out of reach at the time you input your search criteria, no problem. You'll immediately be alerted that your dream car has just dropped into your price range.

Super Choosy Buyer? No Problem ...

At Mad4Cars, we deal in absolutes. If you absolutely must have parking sensors, satnav and leather, but definitely do NOT trust keyless entry, then that's what you'll see in your emails. Not a single car with keyless entry, but all will have the must-have options fitted. Additionally, if you'd quite like climate control, but don't necessarily treat it as a must-have, simply select it in your wish-list and if any of your matches have it we will highlight the fact in any emails.

Fine-tune Your Searches

All members - from non-paying search-only right through to multi-outlet franchise dealers with annual or longer-term Mad4Cars loyalty contracts - can search for a maximum of five cars with exact specifications. Say you'd be happy to travel 250 miles for a limited edition paddle-shift model of your choice if it also has rare leather and less than 10,000 miles on the clock, but unwilling to go further than, say, 60 miles for an auto with 25,000. Easy - just input two separate cars, each with their own criteria in terms of specification, mileage and maximum travelling distance.

PostCode flexibility

Commuter? Then perhaps you might benefit from adding an extra search profile using a postcode relating to somewhere halfway along your daily journey. For instance, somebody living in Southampton and working in East London may choose a Guildford postcode as the centre of a search profile, where no more than a slight detour from their normal route could lead them to their perfect car?

The list goes on and on ...

As you can imagine, with invention you can pretty much guarantee avoiding 'that car' slipping through your own particular net.

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Favourite Code

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with a memorable code displayed prominently outside your premises, the likelihood of them remembering you - or even quickly recording it into their phone, perhaps - increases significantly
any time your car details are sent to a buyer who has added you as a favourite, your details will appear at the top of the list, plus ...
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